Discover the Ancient Craft: Hand Forging Your Own Knife

Discover the Ancient Craft: Hand Forging Your Own Knife

Are you captivated by the artistry and craftsmanship of knives? Do you find yourself drawn to the allure of ancient metallurgical techniques and the satisfaction of creating something truly unique? If so, then there's an extraordinary opportunity waiting for you - an Introduction to Bladesmithing 1-Day Class, where you can immerse yourself in the world of hand-forged knives.


Unveiling the Art of Bladesmithing

The Introduction to Bladesmithing 1-Day Class is an exclusive opportunity to learn from the best in the business - Neels van den Berg, an esteemed American Bladesmith Society Master Smith and a member of the Knifemaker's Guild of Southern Africa. This class is designed for both beginners and enthusiasts alike, offering a comprehensive learning experience without any prior bladesmithing knowledge required.


Embrace the Elements: Forging, Grinding, and Heat-Treating

In this one-day journey, you will delve into the heart of bladesmithing. The class focuses on three fundamental aspects: forging, grinding, and heat-treating - the cornerstone of crafting a remarkable knife. You'll be working with SAE5160, a medium carbon spring steel renowned for its perfect application in knife making.

Imagine the thrill of hand-forging a basic knife just like artisans did through the ages, guided by Neels van den Berg's step-by-step instructions. Feel the raw power of the forge as you shape the blade, the sparks flying like stars in the night sky. Experience the satisfaction of perfecting your blade through basic flat grinding, turning a rough piece of steel into a work of art.


Mastering the Fire: Heat Treating and Blade Finishing

A blade's soul is in its heat treatment. Under the master's watchful eye, you'll learn the secrets of hardening and tempering, bestowing strength and resilience upon your creation. As you work the blade to perfection, you'll discover the harmony between heat, steel, and the craftsman's skill.

With the foundation laid, it's time for the finishing touches. Finely honing the edge and sharpening the blade, you'll bring your creation to the pinnacle of sharpness. The process will be akin to revealing a hidden treasure, as your knife emerges in all its glory, a testament to your newfound skills.


Safety First: Working with High-Carbon Steel

Of course, the path of a bladesmith is not without its challenges. Safety is paramount when handling high-carbon steel and utilizing the tools of the trade. This class ensures you understand and apply the necessary safety precautions, allowing you to navigate the craft with confidence.


The Artistry of Bladesmithing: History and Principles

Beyond the technical aspects, you'll gain insight into the rich history of bladesmithing. Discover the heritage of this ancient craft, dating back centuries, as well as the diverse range of blades and knives created by skilled artisans. Delve into the principles of blade design, from geometry to edge angles and balance, unlocking the secrets of creating the perfect tool.


Take Home Your Creation

As the day concludes, you'll have the chance to take home your very own hand-forged knife, a tangible manifestation of your efforts and dedication. This unique masterpiece will be a reminder of the knowledge gained and the skills honed during the class. Note that the knife will not include handle scales or a sheath, leaving you with the creative freedom to complete the design.


Class Notes: Bladesmithing 101 Tutorial

To ensure you retain and continue to build on your newfound expertise, Neels van den Berg provides class notes in the form of his Bladesmithing 101 tutorial. Accessible on his YouTube channel or as a FREE Online Course for free, this invaluable resource will serve as your guide on your bladesmithing journey.

Click here to access the Bladesmithing 101 tutorial on YouTube

Click here to for the FREE Online Course: Bladesmithing 101 - Forging Fundamentals


The Introduction to Bladesmithing 1-Day Class is a gateway to a world of art, craftsmanship, and tradition. Led by a master of the craft, you will forge your own path and create a blade with your hands, connecting with the essence of bladesmithing. No prior experience is needed; all you need is the passion and enthusiasm to explore this ancient art.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:Is this class suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! The class is designed for students of all skill levels, including those with no prior experience in bladesmithing.

Q2: What materials will be used for forging the knife?

The knife will be forged from SAE5160, a medium carbon spring steel renowned for its excellent properties in knife making.

Q3: Can I bring my own materials or tools?

For safety reasons and to ensure a consistent learning experience, all materials and tools will be provided by the instructor.

Q4: Will I receive a certificate upon completion?

While this class doesn't provide a formal certificate, the knowledge and skills you acquire will be invaluable for your future bladesmithing endeavors.

Q5: Is there a minimum age requirement for the class?

Yes, participants must be at least 16 years old to attend the class.


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