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Bladesmithing 101 - Forging Fundamentals (FREE Online Course)

Bladesmithing 101 - Forging Fundamentals (FREE Online Course)

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Bladesmithing 101 - Forging Fundamentals (FREE Online Course)

Note: The following content contains valuable bladesmithing knowledge recorded 6 years ago. While the techniques remain relevant, consider checking for updated resources for the latest advancements in bladesmithing.

Hey there, aspiring bladesmiths! Welcome to Bladesmithing 101, your ultimate guide to mastering the art of forging. In this FREE online course, we'll dive deep into the world of creating exquisite blades with fire, hammer, and sweat. So, roll up your sleeves and let's get started!

Module 1: Firescale is not your friend

When it comes to bladesmithing, one of the biggest foes you'll face is firescale. But worry not! We'll show you the tips and tricks to deal with this pesky enemy and ensure your metal remains pristine.

Module 2: Forging The Tip Of Your Knife

The tip of a knife is like its very soul. In this module, we'll guide you through the precise techniques to forge and shape the perfect knife tip, making your blades exceptional.

Module 3: Drawing the taper using the edge of the anvil

Discover the art of drawing the taper in your blades using the edge of the anvil as your trusty ally. This technique will set your blades apart, ensuring both beauty and functionality.

Module 4: Drawing the Heel

The heel of a knife plays a vital role in its performance. Learn how to draw and shape it correctly, allowing your blades to slice through any challenge effortlessly.

Module 5: Hammers

Hammers are the heartbeat of bladesmithing. Unravel the mysteries behind choosing the right hammer, holding it with finesse, and harnessing its power to craft exceptional blades.

Module 6: Forging a full tapered tang knife - Full Process Explained

Crafting a full tapered tang knife might seem intimidating, but with our step-by-step explanation, you'll find yourself confidently creating stunning blades with ease.

Module 7: How to forge a knife from round bar stock

Got some round bar stock lying around? Turn it into a spectacular knife! Follow our guidance, and soon you'll be shaping masterpieces from seemingly ordinary materials.

Module 8: How To Forge A Bottle Opener

Bladesmithing isn't just about knives; it's about versatility too. Learn how to forge a unique bottle opener that's both practical and visually appealing.

Module 9: Bladesmithing tips recorded during one of my classes

Sit back and soak in the wisdom from one of our past classes. These invaluable tips and tricks will help you avoid common pitfalls and fast-track your bladesmithing journey.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1:Do I need prior experience to take this course?
Absolutely not! This course is designed for both beginners and experienced bladesmiths looking to hone their skills.

Q2: What tools do I need to get started?
You'll need some basic bladesmithing tools like a forge, anvil, hammers, tongs, and safety gear. Don't worry; we'll provide a detailed list to get you prepared.

Q3: How long will the course take to complete?
The course duration may vary depending on your pace and dedication. Take your time to grasp the concepts, and remember, practice makes perfect!

Q4: Can I interact with the instructor and other students?
As these modules were recorded 6 years ago, live interaction might not be possible, but feel free to join our online community to connect with other bladesmiths.

Q5: Are these techniques still relevant today?
Absolutely! While advancements might have occurred, the core forging fundamentals remain timeless.


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