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Black Dragon Forge

Postbox Forge

Postbox Forge

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Ah, the Postbox Forge, the rockstar of my creations at Black Dragon Forge. It's like the Swiss Army knife of forges, perfect for Bladesmithing, Blacksmithing, general forging, and turning carbon steel into fiery masterpieces.

This bad boy has been my trusty sidekick since I first dipped my toes into the world of smithing. Just about every carbon steel knife, axe, or sword I've whipped up has danced through the flames of the Postbox Forge. It's like the VIP lounge for your steel creations.

Whether you're a newbie just dipping your toes into the fiery arts or a seasoned pro ready to dance with the flames, the Postbox Forge has your back. It's like having a forge with mood lighting – need it hot and fast? No problem. Want to take it slow and easy? You got it. You're the boss of the forge chamber, and the Postbox Forge takes your orders seriously. Just tweak the gas pressure with the adjustable high-pressure regulator and play with the burner's slider like you're DJ-ing at a fire dance party.

Now, let's talk history. I cast the very first Postbox Forge a whopping 12 years ago. And since then, I've been tinkering and toiling, refining the design, perfecting the manufacturing process, and fine-tuning the burner for optimal efficiency. You could say I've given it more facelifts than a Hollywood starlet, all for the noble cause of giving you the best darn product possible.

Battle-tested 12-year track record

Sure, there might be cheaper forges out there, but let's get real – sacrificing quality and ditching a battle-tested 12-year track record for a few bucks off? Not on my watch. Every forge that bears my name comes with my personal support and guidance, which tends to turn into long-lasting friendships. We're not just making forges here; we're forging connections.

The MKI Postbox Forge is a nifty package. It's compact and portable, so it won't hog your workshop space. You can fuel it up with a single 16 kg LP Gas cylinder. The forge chamber is built like a tank, vibratory cast from top-notch high-heat refractory cement, and it laughs in the face of 1350 degrees Celsius. It's easy to operate, and at 40kPa pressure, it sips on LP Gas like a fancy cocktail, only about 0.5 kg per hour.

And what's in the box, you ask?

Glad you did. Each Postbox Forge comes with:

  • 1 X Black Dragon MKI Post-box Forge Chamber and Lid
  • 1 X High-Pressure (HP) LPG Regulator
  • 1 X Dragon Burner
  • 1 X LPG Hose (1 Meter) and 2 X Hose Clamps

But here's the fine print:

LP Gas cylinder not included, and it doesn't come with that cool pressure indicator gauge you might've seen on our assembly video on YouTube. It's all part of the adventure! So, if you're ready to dive into the fiery embrace of the Postbox Forge, don't delay. Your next masterpiece is waiting to be forged! 

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