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WA-Petty Knife Template

WA-Petty Knife Template

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WA-Petty Knife Template

Embarking on an unconventional journey, I made a pivotal shift from Graphic Design to the captivating realm of bladesmithing. Over a span of 13 years, I dedicated myself to honing my skills, eventually earning the esteemed title of Mastersmith in the American Bladesmith Society. Having crafted knives for an international audience, I am thrilled to impart my knowledge through a series of downloadable PDF knife designs. 

The next installment in this series is the WA-Petty. This template features 3 direrent blade designs that fit the same custom WA handle design. These templates are available as a convenient 3-page digital download. 

The wa-petty knife is known for its versatility and is often used for tasks that require precision and control, such as slicing and chopping smaller fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other delicate ingredients. Its compact size and sharp blade make it a popular choice for intricate cutting work. Here are the specifications for this particular design: 


The WA-Petty Knife: A Closer Look


  • Overall Length: 234 mm
  • Blade Width: 21 mm
  • Blade Length: 123 mm
  • Blade Thickness at the Ricasso: 3 mm

The Handle

The handle of a WA-Petty knife is as important as the blade itself. Traditionally, it features a wooden handle that is attached to the blade with a hidden tang design. This ergonomic handle is lightweight and designed for comfort, making it ideal for extended use in the kitchen. The right handle not only complements the aesthetics of the knife but also ensures a secure grip, enhancing your control and precision.

Culinary Versatility

A WA-Petty knife is a true gem in Japanese and Asian culinary traditions. However, its versatility transcends borders, making it a cherished tool in kitchens around the world. Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, this knife's craftsmanship and precision will elevate your culinary creations.

Printing the Templates

To embark on this knifemaking adventure, you'll need the right tools and templates. Printing the templates is crucial, as it adds a tactile element to the crafting process, helping you visualize the final product. You can find these templates on my website or designated platforms, ensuring that all those interested in the art of knifemaking can access them.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I use different materials for the handle? Yes, you can explore various materials for the handle, such as different types of wood, composite materials, or even unique options like antler or bone for a personalized touch.

  2. What type of steel is best for the blade? High-carbon steel is a popular choice for its sharpness and end edge retention. However, the choice of steel depends on your preferences and the knife's intended use.

  3. Is knifemaking suitable for beginners? While making a knife can be challenging, it's not impossible for beginners. Start with simpler designs and gradually work your way up as you gain experience.

  4. How can I maintain the sharpness of my WA-Petty knife? Regular honing and proper storage are essential to maintain the sharpness of your knife. Invest in a good honing stone and store your knife in a knife block or magnetic strip to protect the edge.

  5. Are there any specific care instructions for wooden handles? Wooden handles should be kept dry and periodically treated with mineral oil to prevent cracking or warping. Avoid prolonged exposure to water.


Your knifemaking adventure begins now – happy knifemaking! Making a WA-Petty knife is not just about creating a tool; it's about embracing the artistry, precision, and tradition of knifemaking. With dedication and attention to detail, you can craft a knife that not only serves your culinary needs but also becomes a cherished work of art in your kitchen.

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