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High Pressure LPG Regulator

High Pressure LPG Regulator

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Introducing our High Pressure LPG Regulator, a reliable and efficient solution for your gas-powered needs. Designed to ensure optimal performance and safety, this regulator is built to meet the highest industry standards.

With an inlet connection of G5/8 LH, it seaLPGmlessly connects to your gas cylinder for a hassle-free setup. The outlet nozzle features an 8mm hose nozzle, providing a secure and stable connection for your gas-powered devices.

With an outlet pressure of 180 kPa, this regulator delivers a consistent flow of gas to meet your specific requirements. Its impressive capacity of 6.0 kg/h ensures that it can handle high-demand applications with ease, making it suitable for a range of industrial and commercial settings.

Versatility is key, and this regulator is designed to fit cylinders ranging from 9kg to 48kg, allowing you to use it with various gas storage options. Please note that this regulator is exclusively designed for LPG use, ensuring optimal compatibility and performance.

Safety is our utmost priority, and we are proud to state that this product complies with the rigorous standards set by SANS 1237. Rest assured, you can rely on this regulator to provide you with reliable and secure gas control.

To make your purchase even more convenient, every forge or furnace you order comes standard with this regulator, ensuring you have everything you need for a seamless setup.

Invest in our High Pressure LPG Regulator today and experience the efficiency, reliability, and safety it brings to your gas-powered applications.

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