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Hidden Tang Handle Broach

Hidden Tang Handle Broach

The Black Dragon Forge Handle Broach is a workshop essential when making knives with a hidden tangs or integral bolster constructions.

The sawtooth blade is just over 90mm long, 6mm wide, 1.5mm thick, and made from L6 carbon tool steel. Serrations on both the top and bottom of the blade make it extremely easy to precisely hollow out a handle for the tang. The aggressive design of the teeth make removing material much easier than using a needle file or cut down hacksaw. The handle is made from pine wood and is flattened on one side to prevent the tool from rolling off a work bench.

Please be aware, these things are extremely SHARP – they cut flesh just as well as they cut wood!

Developed by American Bladesmith Society (ABS) Mastersmith Neels Van Den Berg, founder and owner of Black Dragon Forge. This product is high-quality, practical and reliable.

This is the perfect gift for the aspiring knifemaker in your life, even if that knifemaker is you!

How do I use this hand saw to tang a knife handle?

  1. Start by drawing the shape of your knife tang on the block ;
  2. Drill the block to the desired depth ;
  3. Remove the excess material with the saw.

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