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Borax based Deoxidizing Casting Powder Flux (250g)

Borax based Deoxidizing Casting Powder Flux (250g)

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Borax based Deoxidizing Casting Powder Flux for Melting Precious Metals (250g)

Borax based Deoxidizing Casting Powder Flux is used to prevent air oxidation: During melting, Deoxidizing Casting Flux will protect metal from the oxidizing atmosphere of the furnace. Deoxidizing Casting Flux near the bottom of the crucible will melt last and float up to the surface of the molten metal dissolving oxides, silica (sand) and other non-metallic impurities.

This high-grade, Borax based Deoxidizing Casting Flux keeps your metals cleaner during melts and pours. It is also great for seasoning your graphite crucibles, and while melting, casting, and refining metals such as gold, silver, copper, iron, sterling silver, tin, nickel, and their alloys. Add the Flux to your melts to draw gasses and oxides out of molten metal.

Weight: 250 grams
Packaging: Ziplock Bag
Contents: Deoxidizing Casting Powder Flux (Borax based)
Ratio: Half teaspoon flux (2.5ml) to an A6 crucible
Usage: Only add Flux when the material is hot enough to melt the flux. Remove the crucible from the furnace, add the flux and wait for it to melt. Once completely melted, replace the crucible in the furnace.
Warning: Flux will erode both Crucible and Furnace over time.

NOTE: Not suitable for forge welding steel.

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